Why choose Granzotto Italia

GRANZOTTO is the quality and design confirmed by the warranty MADE IN ITALY.

All our products are designed by the highly-skilled experts – craftsmen in partnership with the best Italian designers following the latest technologies, recent tendencies and innovative materials. The love of details, constant new solutions search and active management of Clients’ comments and suggestions help us to progress and improve our job being always one step ahead.
Eco-friendly approach, safety and durability combined with Italian design and individual attention to project development – these are the key elements of the internal Granzotto system responsible for the innovative vision, stable production capacities, quality control and a high level of customer service.
We know how to create comfort and coziness for the harmonious development of your children!
We know how to make you and your children happier!

«Wood is a “live” material which preserves its properties even after processing and manufacturing»

  • 100% natural wood grown in special forest parks. There are 3 wood species of your choice: Oak, Maple, Ash, Jupiter Oak, Eucalyptus;
  • Wood veneer finishing technology “tamburato” (hollow cored panel) in combination with natural solid wood provides a lower weight of the product, resistibility/durability and consequently optimization of the transportation costs;
  • A wide range of color palette – 28 colors (RAL or NCS);
  • A finishing «PORO APERTO» (wood with open pores) creates a visual and tactile effect of “real wood”. Unique to the segment of kids’ furniture;
  • Water-based antibacterial lacquering without toxic impurities;
  • Environmentally friendly material, confirmed by European certificate program, “Life.” Guaranteed use of innovative materials of the latest generation at all stages of production. Respect for nature, job security and care of final user. Annual re-certification with the focus on quality control;
  • Fully recyclable wood. The Certification of «Pannello Ecologico» (eng. Eco-friendly panel) that confirms the use of panels made from 100% recycled wood with the formaldehyde level of E1 class;
  • All parts and components of our products are 100% Made in Italy and provided by certified partners – local Italian companies;
  • Scratch resistant coating;
  • Amortization of drawers and doors of the wardrobes;
  • A Modern style, created by Italian designers, is at the heart of the whole collection. It follows the idea of color combination splitted in «Warm», «Cool», «Natural» with the aim to create a personalized space that could perfectly fit your daily life. The emphasis is on minimalism and attention to details;
  • Ergonomics. Multifunctional modular compositions and mechanisms of the latest technologies optimize the space and allow you to design even very complicated and sophisticated projects: bunk beds that can be tilted and lowered; sliding constructions fixed with the guide frames; wall hanging cupboards, built-in stairs, extra beds and much more;
  • «Taylor made» production – customized «Made in Italy». Individual strategy for products creating with the aim to move beyond mass production in favor of customization and personalization. «Taylor made» Clients treatment in search for «win-win formula of mutual success».