The Granzotto Factory is a family heritage, the family brand, that for decades has been designing and manufacturing furniture under the slogan of 100% “Made in Italy”- a guarantee of quality, sophisticated design, refined style and a special customized approach to production processes. Exclusivity and, as the Italians say, «artigianalita» (eng.”craftsmanship”) are the key characteristics of the Italian approach to products development and production.

Over the years we have worked out an impressive portfolio of projects – from basic to the most innovative and advanced ones- and we can say for certain that every our design project is unique. Modular systems, color combinations, different finishes – competently chosen these three components allow to “play” with the layout and create the personal space, individualizing the needstates.

We adhere to a principle that the child’s environment should subtly complement his/her inner world and contribute to his/her proper development and education. Therefore, in the selection of furniture and decorative materials for children and teenagers, customized and taylor-made approach is more important rather than mass production.

Creation of the right atmosphere is as important as “to buy” quality and safety. But to find the right balance is not always easy. So far, modern interior designers consider furniture only as a part of a design-project, today special attention is paid to details and accessories which give the room warmth and comfort. That is why our designers, while creating “turn-key” projects, work out not only modular systems made of wood, but also various options of upholstery (textile and eco-leather) and wallpaper which you may also purchase as a part of the project.  These are essential details and decor items that a comfortable and stylish room comprises of.

You can find some ready-made compositions on our Website as an example and a source of inspiration for your future designs. But we mainly work with customized projects, individually “on a by-order basis”, where maximum attention is devoted to the needs and stylistic preferences of a client. Our designers through different alternatives of layouts and color styles always search for the best ones that could perfectly satisfy all the technical requirements and personal likings. Along with standard sizes there is a possibility to personalize furniture upon your sketches.

Make the world of your children fabulous, beautiful….and real!

If you have already a project or just a sketch of the room or piece of furniture you would like, do not hesitate – send it to us: Our designers will work out the alternatives and we will contact you as soon as possible.