Our roots go back to the distant 1947…

Each tree is the birth of a new life. It rises, germinates and grow in absolute harmony with the surrounding environment and ecosystem. So each product of Granzotto Italia arises in creative atmosphere and integrates into our lives, symbolizing its natural origin and timeless quality. A unique creation that adapts to different spaces and life circumstances!

The tree is a symbol of growth, regeneration and vitality, in itself associated with something primeval and virgin. A solid stem and strong roots represent fidelity to the origins, traditions, culture and territorial features. Lush crown and long flexible branches symbolize health and potential of the tree, its internal and external power.

Roots are the foundation of the tree, the strongest and the most substantial part of it. Germinating deep into the ground they create a secure base for the future life, its development and prosperity. Roots of The Granzotto Italia go far in the 40s and since then, already the third generation have been managing the family heritage, with love and special care developing and improving the obtained experience and knowledge. The expertise gained by years firmly “rooted” and formed the basis for all production processes: from design creation and production to delivery and customer service. The quaranty “100% Made in Italy” is our pride and “identical code” throughout the years.

Branches. The tree looks at the world around, socialize and communicates with the environment by use of its branches. This metaphor is not accidental. The Granzotto branches symbolize the relationship and constant cooperation/connection with our partners and customers both on national and international markets. Being loyal to the values and philosophy of the company / brand we have already “grown” in many countries and on different markets. Day by day developing network of distributors and loyal customers is gaining strength, and we are doing our best to provide maximum support in creating of all necessary conditions for fruitful cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership. Our goal is to open up new horizons and grow in the direction of stability and prosperity, searching for new opportunities of expansion. We always welcome new ideas, projects and partnership proposals that are aimed to achieve the “win-win formula of success”. 
Respect of your requirements, comments and reviews … respect of the nature and ecosystem – that are our credo and honorable mission.

Crown of the tree symbolizes the outlook and means of self-expression. This is a gift of the nature, inherent in the DNA, that stimulates creative thinking, extraordinary behavior and innovative discoveries. Through regular market research and the use of new technologies, The Granzotto is continually growing and developing in its segment, foreseeing trends of the market and meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers. Our fruits – products – are truly innovative and “by the latest trends”. Qualitative materials, functional modular constructions, modern color combinations and natural coatings of the latest generation – all this and much more is at the heart of our creative development and production processes. 

We do not stand still. We grow and develop … together with the market, with the progress together with you and your children. Join us!

The Granzotto Tree is made of natural solid wood and can be produced using a variety of finishes and coatings. You can order it for the trade center, showroom or retail store as a trade material – accessory, it will harmoniously integrate into the workspace demonstrating various options of finishes, colors and textures. Day after day it will symbolize and remind you of the need for constant evelopment in harmony with the environment and nature, communicating the core values and philosophy of the Granzotto company. Respect for nature, production materials and processes combined with an individual approach and customer care – are the day to day task of the whole Granzotto Italia team of experts.

In the Head Office, at the factory, there is a showroom with the exhibitions of rooms, expositions of individual modular compositions and complete range of finishes and coatings. We will be happy to welcome you as our guests thus having an opportunity to introduce our factory, inform you more in details about our products and the production process. You will be able to verify the quality of the materials, visually assess the level of work and the final result. Contact us and we will arrange you a useful and pleasant journey!