albero warmwarm



Lacquered or “with the effect of open pores”, combined on the basis of three styles – Warm, Cool, Natural.

The tree as a symbol of Growth and Vitality plays the key role in our company’s philosophy. Being taken as a basis of production this “alive” material is very versatile and multifunctional, to work with it – is just a pleasure!

Careful and high-tech manufacturing process preserves natural properties of wood even after its recycling and processing.
Thus, having all the necessary skills, production capacities and technological capabilities. along with classic lacquer coatings (water-based, antibacterial and non-toxic), we are pleased to offer you all 28 colors in “open pores” finishing!

What do we mean by “open pores” effect?

This finishing has received its name due to a pronounced texture which has clearly visible pores and natural “trace”. This effect is created applying a special “coarsening and cleaning” technology that emphasizes the drawing of wood structure, increasing the visual and tactile perception of texture. The result is “alive” and very nice to the feel surface of a furniture panel.
“Open pores” finishing can be realized in any color from our palette, also you can lacquer it or leave it matt. The choice is yours! In any case “open pore” effect will remain unchanged throughout life.


Have a look at our collection and get some ideas for your inspiration!

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