Furniture that adapts to the space…


Optimises it… plays with it… saving the space and giving more freedom!

Ergonomic design. Innovative approach. High-tech materials.

The “saving-space” concept is at the heart of the company’s success formula over the years. In the early ’80s GRANZOTTO was the first factory in Italy which began to develop and produce such popular bunk beds. They immediately attracted attention gaining day by day the world’s recognition! Both parents and children fell in love with them: the former, thanks to their functionality and ergonomics; the latter – for the opportunity to be “at the height ” and create their personal space.
That turning point in the company’s history led off to the creation of furniture designs with the idea to “save work space and make it more functional and ergonomic” so that you and your children could have “more room” … more freedom to self-expression and day-to-day activities.
Nowadays, this concept is one of the recent trends in the furniture market. Houses full of furniture are not always functional and roomy without even mentioning their visual overload. Even the smallest space can be beautifully and well-orginized combining compact modular designs. The trend “less is more” (less quantity – more quality) becomes the basis and the main characteristic of modern design. Ergonomic saving-space furniture easily allows to design progects both for small and more spacefull houses keeping the style and signiture “di gran classe”. Modern design always focuses on laconism, attention to details and quality of the materials. It is a symbiosis of simplicity and high style, elegance and sophistication, the latest trends and constant research.

Minimalism in volume and quantity- maximalism in details and quality!

Constructions and modular elements of this concept are multifunctional, easy to transform and very smart – the work space can be fruitfully designed both in width and in height.

An excellent example is the design project “4 in 1”, the composition number 23 from our catalog: thanks to solid panels and the original model of a bunk bed the room can be easily transformed into a day zone / zone to study / play area / night zone. Play with your space! It is comfortable and so much fun!
Modular designs and structures of our collection that can truly be called ergonomic are various types and models of bunk beds, single or double pull-out beds with extra bed, integrated mini-wardrobes, corner cases, wall hanging and built-in libraries, built-in LED highlighting, ladder-containers. All these models have been designed and manufactured according to the needs and requests of our Clients. We have carefully studied the market, all projects, comments, ideas, modifing our production capacities and improving our skills, with the only objective – be original and innovative in creating high-quality and safe furniture that can “win some room” . All our products are the result of long-term practice and a close partnership with the best specialists: designers, architects, engineers, planners, suppliers and many others.
Every time we have pursued and still pursuing a single goal – to create the space that adapts and adjusts to your changing needs … to your mood and life stage.

Our products can be manufactured either in a standard size or fully customized according to the specified dimensions. You can always choose – to design the entire room or select/buy individual compositions, elements, details that you are interested in.
Freedom of choice – is the main value at any stage of life, at any age and under any circumstances!

If you have questions or you are interested in the particular model, please, feel free to contact us . Our specialists will get back to you in the nearest time providing all necessary information about products, design-progects, pricing and delivery leadtime.
Have a look at our collection and get some ideas for your inspiration!