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Redecorate your interior and save 10,000 trees…


At first glance this sentence seems strange and illogical. In fact, using natural wood as core material, a huge number of trees should be hacked down and processed (in our case, trees grown in special forest parks). But, practically, it is a slogan of the on-going Italian project called «Pannello Ecologico» (eng. Ecological panel), which goal is to optimize the production capacities associated with the processing of this valuable “alive” material.
Fortunately, more and more often we hear people talk about “waste sorting” or “paper and plastic recycling” which are becoming daily practicies that contribute to the preservation of our environment and ecosystem. Indeed, a word «recyclable» has become almost synonymous with «organic». Everyday lots of «eco-friendly, green, organic» programmes and progects have been developing in almost every country to achieve the desirable mission – to take care of the nature and save our well-being. The whole world is trying to help the ecosystem to regenerate, thereby improving the quality of human life and life of living beings.
Processing of wood, in particular of wood products, has been recently practiced among the most “caring” furniture factories. This important and responsible process requires special knowledge, experience and technologies. Thanks to versatility, functionality and beautility, wood is used in many industries: in construction, in manufacturing of furniture and accessories, in jewelry creation, in decorating and as a base for a variety of related industries. As a result a huge number of wood products circulates every day. But in the long run everything has its life cycle – becomes obsolete, out of date or simply break down. That is why with proper processing even recycled wood have a chance for new look, new life, new image thus saving ‘alive’ forest parks that contribute to our well -being.

The «Pannello Ecologico» – is an Italian community that is engaged in the collection and subsequent disposal of wood products. The final aim is to produce panels made of genuine high-quality chips that subsequently are used in furniture production. Today It is the only technology aimed at 100% wood processing which helps to prevent the felling of trees for commercial purposes. As a result, more than 10,000 trees per day are saved due to the production capacities which allows to process/recycle up to 1.5 million tons annually.
Furniture made of ecological panels has similar technical characteristics compared with the furniture which is produced using a primary “fresh” tree. Moreover, ecological panels have environmental emissions of formaldehyde 5 times less than the permitted parameters specified in EC for E1 classification. Thus, furniture made of ecological panels does not only save the parks but it is also more safe and enviromently conscious.

If you care about nature, environment, health and well-being of your children, turn your attention to the furniture made of ecological panels. By selecting quality products you will save a lot of forest parks and contribute to air clarity by reducing the daily emission of methane and carbon dioxide.
Healthy ecosystem is the key to the well-being of mouse and man on the earth!

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